Journal Policies


Open Acces

The Art and Philosophy team places its editions on its webpage as part of the process of increasing access to the results of academic research and the free exchange of knowledge. It is our opinion that access to the journal should not be related to additional fees since the academic research and their publishing and popularisation have been financed out of public funding.


Authors retain copyright. They grant the editors of “Art and Philosophy” a one-time, non-exclusive license to publish their article in the print version of the edition and on the journal’s website and to translate it into English and to publish the English version in the same formats.
The authors are obliged to include information about the original publication in “Art and Philosophy” in each subsequent publication of the text.

Ethical Principles

The editors are committed to respecting COPE provisions – the Committee on Publication Ethics.
The editors actively counteract unethical behaviour such as: plagiarism, falsifying data, repeated publication of the same article or its part, ghostwriting and guest authorship. Wherever there is the suspicion or existence of unethical behaviour, we take the appropriate steps to clarify the situation, as appropriate: rejection of the article or refusal to publish other texts by the same author, informing the relevant academic bodies including those of the author and publishing a statement on the situation.